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Barbershop Rates / Price List

Signature Haircut


Half Haircut (Sides Only)


Buzz Cut


Student Haircut (19-22)


Boys & Students Haircut (Up to 18 yrs)


Beard Trim


Signature Shave


Signature Haircut & Beard


Signature Haircut & Shave


Hair Wash




Our Watchung Plaza, Montclair Barbers

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Master Barber

Adam has many years of experience in the cutting industry. His work is exceptionally well in scissor cuts making any hair cut come natural to him. He has a hard working mentality and motivation to keep growing within the field. He has many years of experience dealing with children of all ages even ones that do not like to get their haircut! With his friendly personality and patience he is able to deliver services in any given situation.



Master Barber

On Sunday, March 3, 1997, Celeste discovered her deep passion for cutting hair. With over twenty years of experience, cutting and styling comes as second nature to her. She has expertise with sensitive skin and children with Autism. Celeste is an expert with scissor cuts, shaving and fading. She cuts and styles both men and women. The end result of the service is extremely accurate and vivid haircuts and shaves!



Manager / Master Barber

With ten years of experience in high end barbershops in the heart of NYC, Kal perfects each and every hairstyle that comes his way. His excellent texturizing and cutting techniques have gotten him a long way in the industry, which has given him the opportunity to cut models and celebrities. He specializes in fades, scissor cuts, shaves and long hair. He is extremely patient and steady with kids!

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Master Barber

Kevin has been barbering many years gaining extensive knowledge in the industry. He is Egyptian and fluent in both English and Arabic. He is an expert when it comes to fading, tapering and cuts that require scissors. On his free time he spends time with his family.



Master Barber

Tia came from a well known all kid salon in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to all types of kids personalities making her well suited to deal with even the most difficult situations. She is an expert at all hair cuts. With her great personality she will ensure every client that sits in her chair is satisfied with their service.


Master Barber

Abdel comes from a family history of barbers which is where is passion originated. He is both a college student and barber with motivation to do exceptionally well in this industry. He is very welcoming and customer service is important to him. He is great with classic style haircuts and making sure the achieved cut is delivered.