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Price List

Signature Men Haircut


Includes a professional haircut with use of clippers and or just scissors. Followed by a hot lather neck shave

Buzz / Half Haircut


Includes a professional buzz with use of 1 to 2 clipper Guards only. Followed by a hot lather neck shave.

Boys Haircut (Up to 18 Yrs)


Includes a professional boys’ haircut with use of clippers and or just scissors.

Beard Trim


We can help you keep those chin hairs looking clean and sharp with our precise attention to detail! Includes a hot towel, followed by a hot lather line-up, cold towel and finally finish with our nourishing aftershave lotions.

Signature Shave


There is no closer shave than the Classic Man Signature Shave. Relax as your face is prepped by a hot towel and lathered up with a nourishing pre-shave cream. After the shave, enjoy a refreshing cold towel and finally finish with our nourishing aftershave lotions.

Signature Haircut & Beard


Includes a professional haircut with use of scissors and clippers. Followed by a trim and line-up of the beard complete with a hot towel, hot lather shave, cold towel and finally finish with our nourishing aftershave lotions.

Signature Haircut & Shave


Includes a professional haircut with use of scissors and clippers. Followed by the Classic Man Signature Shave which includes a hot towel, hot lather shave, cold towel and finally finish with our nourishing aftershave lotions.

Hair Wash


Our SoHo Barbers



Owner / Manager / Master Barber

With ten years of experience in high end barbershops in the heart of NYC, Kal perfects each and every hairstyle that comes his way. He specializes in fades, scissor cuts, shaves and long hair. He is extremely patient and steady with kids!


Manager / Master Barber

Abdel comes from a family history of barbers which is where is passion originated. He is great with classic style haircuts and making sure the achieved cut is delivered.


Master Barber

Crystal is a Brooklyn native, with ten plus years of experience in the barber industry. Some words to describe her are free spirited, loyal and motivated. She is family oriented and enjoys photography.


Master Barber

JR has many of years experience and is great with kids. He is an expert at all hair cuts and shaves. Whether you come in for a beard shape up or a haircut you will feel fresh and back in the game when you leave his chair.


Master Barber

Mike’s barbering career started in his country of Israel. He has had many years of experience with all hair types and is an expert when it comes to beards. Whether you request an all scissor cut or a skin fade he will deliver a great service.


Eli has been in the barber world for many years gaining experience with all hair styles and types. He is an expert at fades, shaves and scissor cuts. He has an outgoing personality and is a great listener ensuring the client gets what they asked for. Eli is very friendly and customer service is extremely important to him.

Barber Shop Maplewood, NJ

If you’re looking for an authentic old school barbershop experience, then you have come to the right place. Here at Classic Man Cut & Shave in the heart of Maplewood, NJ, we can offer you that traditional setting for all of your hair and shaving needs.

When you enter our shop, you will be greeted by a team of barbers who have many years of experience in their field. With a strong reputation behind us (just check out our testimonials), you can be assured of a first-rate experience at our barbershop in Maplewood, NJ. Right through, from your initial consultation with us to the aftercare advice we can offer you, you can be guaranteed a bespoke experience that is directly suited to your personal needs.

At Classic Man Cut & Shave, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether you’re a fashion-conscious professional looking to elevate your image for your work and social life, or a defiant dude devoted to the upkeep of your facial hair, you will be treated to an experience that is tailor-suited to you.

Our barbers are masters of their craft and can offer you a range of services for your haircut. No matter what hairstyle you are looking for, you are bound to find something to match your personal style here. We can offer you Shape-Ups, Tape-Ups, fades, pompadours, undercuts, high & tight military haircuts, mohawks, recon haircuts, college contour cuts with or without a “22” (shaved part), and many other designs to boot. We will listen to your needs, talk with you about your preferred style, and will cut your hair according to one of our traditional designs, or provide you with something that is specifically tailored to your look and needs.

Barber Shop Maplewood, NJ

Treat yourself to the experience of an old school straight razor shave, or enjoy an electric shave if you prefer. Our devoted team of barbers will hand craft, sculpt, and tame and trim your moustache or beard to ensure it both looks good and stays on point. Whether your facial hair is short and tailored or long and wild (or any style in between), when you sit in one of our comfortable chairs, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Our services extend to our junior customers too. Our team of specialist barbers have years of experience with children and will ensure they feel as comfortable as you do when you visit our establishment. With a range of customized haircuts on offer, they won’t be lacking in street cred when they leave our friendly barbers. We hope they will become customers for many years to come!

Of course, you expect more from your barbershop when you’re looking for an authentic old school experience. So, alongside our gentleman’s scissor haircuts and and straight-edge razor services (as just a couple of examples), you can also expect comforting hot towel and neck massages as well as refreshing cold towel and facial massages, depending on the type of service you have asked for. We offer an assortment of organic and natural men’s hair and shave products too, so not only will you look good after your haircut or shave, but you will feel a million dollars too.

Maplewood Barber Shop Near Me

At Classic Cut Man & Shave, you are not only entering into our world, but you are entering a world that is tailor-suited to both you and the junior gentlemen in your family. Our aim is to give you the best experience possible, and we are passionate about what we do. Each cut and shave is reflective of the love we have for barbering, be it something that is defiantly old school or something that is akin to one of the latest trends. We set out to create the last true haven for a man to come and enjoy being a man, so come in, sit back, relax, and enjoy a decadent experience that is second-to-none.

We want you to enjoy your time with us and hope that you will return to us again and again after experiencing the many services we have on offer. If you want to know more, browse our website for details regarding the services we can offer you, and check out our very affordable pricing lists. Send us a message through our ‘contact page’ or pop into our shop and have a chat with our very friendly staff.

Maplewood, NJ Barber Shop

We are here for you, so say what you feel and let the good times roll at your Maplewood neighborhood barbershop, Classic Man Cut & Shave!